Nicky Silver’s dark-comedy of Jurassic proportions.

The Theatre on the Square

Nominated for six Naledi Awards including Best Production of a Play and Best Director

“Pterodactyls is one of 2009’s theatre highlights and an example of world-class drama.” – Die Beeld

“…superb directing and performing…a blackly funny rump …a ripping good production…” – Artslink

“Homann has coaxed his cast into slick and perfectly timed interactions in a complex production where the pace never flags, the wit never stops, and the suffering never ends.” – The Weekender

“…award winning humour….” – The Citizen  

“You will roar with laughter at the snappy dialogue, weep inwardly at the pain and anxiety of characters that are hurting and think all the time: ‘How can this be happening? Today? To the sort of people I know?’ the shocking immediacy and sadness will leave you stunned.” – Business Day  

“…the cast is outstanding…” – Sunday Times  

“…witty and courageous…” – The Citizen  

“A family farce that puts the ‘fun’ back in dysfunctional.” – The Times

“A welcome and filling theatrical meal.” – Mumba Online  

“The moment when he (Michael Richard) sits straight backed, a haunted, unsure figure, to tell his family he is no longer employed is one of the most astonishing and powerfully unsettling I have ever witnessed on stage.” –  Business Day

“Saint-Claire gives an absolutely superb portrayal of the frazzled, sardonic rich housewife” – The Citizen

“See it, and be transfixed by one of the most illuminating theatre experiences of the year.“ – The Jewish Report

Produced by Theatreshop Productions & Daphne Kuhn

Written by Nicky Silver

Directed & Designed by Greg Homann

Lighting by Oliver Hauser

Stage Managed by Regina Dube


Louise Saint-Claire

Michael Richard

Asher Stoltz

Sarah Richard

Lyall Ramsden