Anton Krueger’s witty comedy. A story of miscommunication unfolding in a world reliant on mobile phones and cyberspace.  When a couple, Albert and Aimee meet and fall in love in a chatroom, they get engaged and plan to marry. It seems too good to be true! Only thing is… they haven’t actually met in real life. So when Albert flies out from the UK to meet his true love, and borrows his brother’s mobile phone, things take an hilarious turn when the wrong people end up meeting each other!

National Arts Festival, Fringe / Wits 969 Festival

Winner of the NLDTF / PANSA Festivals of Contemporary Theatre Readings competition in Gauteng

Produced by Anton Krueger & Greg Homann

Written by Anton Krueger

Directed by Greg Homann

Digital Animation by Tegan Bristow


Wayne van Rooyen

Jemma Kahn

Shannon Esra

Alex Halligey

Asher Stoltz

Stacey Sacks