In Our Skin* (coming in 2022)


Connecting the lived experiences of gay men in two diverse cities across the hemisphere.

In Our Skin is a verbatim theatre project currently in research and development with the Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) in Birmingham. The project aims to document the experiences of gay men living in Birmingham (UK) and Johannesburg (South Africa). Transcripts from a series of interviews conducted in each city will form the basis of an original play that will be staged at MAC in 2022.


This 35 minute work in progress version of the project was presented as part of Birmingham’s SHOUT Festival 2020. The presentation is collaged from extracts from four participant interviews, two from each city, creating four monologues performed by actors.


A Project Created & Directed by Greg Homann

Video Edit by Rachel Bunce


Real Boy Gopala Davies

Khakan Vimal Korpal

Richard Graeme Rose

Given Sabelo Ndumo


Rachel Bunce


Mark Middlewick (Location Director)

James Brooke

Mike Mdlawuza

Bandile Maupa

With thanks to Deborah Kermode, Rico Johnson-Sinclair, Khaylihle Dom Gumede, Mark Middlewick, Clive Morris Productions, Evie Kissack, the National School of the Arts, Brenda Sakellarides, Film Birmingham, Birmingham City Council, Stephanie Ridings, Willem Stassen, the Market Theatre Lab, GALA Queer Archive, and all of the participants who have shared their stories as part of the In Our Skin project.


With interviews in Johannesburg having already been completed, In Our Skin is currently inviting gay men in Birmingham to participate in an entirely voluntary and confidential 90-minute interview.

I am inviting anyone currently living in Birmingham who identifies as a gay man and is over 18 to participate in an interview. You can choose to tell your story privately and share it anonymously using a pseudonym. The 17 participants in Johannesburg represent a broad cross-section of the economic, racial and religious divides in that city. They capture stories of love, hope, prejudice, joy, discovery, hurt, sex, pain, bravery & much more. I am now looking to extend this project to include Birmingham and to counterpoint the lived experiences between one place and another.

If you want to be interviewed for the In Our Skin project or you want to know more, you can connect using any one of the following options.


Text or WhatsApp: +44 78 8297 1875

DM on Twitter: @In_Our_Skin

Message the Facebook Page: In Our Skin Project

* In Our Skin is supported by The Market Theatre Lab and GALA Queer Archive in Johannesburg and is currently advancing its research and development with support from Midlands Arts Centre (MAC).