Humans at Work


It is 1969 and Coventry is a phoenix risen from the post-war depression. It is a city where industry is booming and where people arrive from all over the world to work. At a factory in the city three different woman find themselves assembling radios and trying to make sense of this modern world and their places within it.

Based on first-hand accounts, interviews and archive material, Humans at Work is a snapshot of real working life in a Coventry factory. A factory, a city and a nation that finds itself on the cusp of major change.

Warwick Arts Centre

“…a wonderful piece of work – funny and genuinely moving…” – James Brown

“Humans at Work will make you laugh and cry in all the right places.” – Jennifer Davis

“Playful and poignant exploration of the very human stories within Coventry’s industrial past from Stephanie Ridings and Warwick Arts Centre. Cracking performances from Dan McGarry, Alex Kepila, Miriam O’Brien and oh how I loved Alison Belbin’s Joyce!” – Philippa Cross

“Highly entertaining, beautiful storytelling and Coventry through and through.” – Paul O’Donnell

“Moving, funny and insightful…brilliant script by Stephanie Ridings based on real stories of amazing woman, friendship and communities in industrial Coventry …fantastic direction.” – Ana Gillespie

Produced by Nobulali Dangazele on behalf of the Warwick Arts Centre
Written by Stephanie Ridings
Directed by Greg Homann
Set & Costumes by Abby Clarke
Lighting Design by Amanda Fleming
Stage Managed by Tracy Croft

Humans at Work was a Coventry Great Places Project. Great Places is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council England, Historic England, Coventry City, University of Warwick, Coventry University, and the Business Improvement District and Trust.

Alex Kepila
Alison Belbin
Dan McGarry
Miriam O’Brien