When Swallows Cry


Power. Prejudice. Inequality. When Swallows Cry by Mike van Graan is a trilogy of interweaving immigration stories set across three continents – Africa, Australia and America. Each playlet offers a depiction of the spaces that immigrants are forced to occupy and the places that they are denied access to. These hard-hitting accounts are told by three actors who interchange roles. Lines are blurred between what makes one person a victim and the other a perpetrator.

RADA Festival 2019

Written by Mike van Graan

Produced by Theo Landey, Kim Bouland & Greg Homann

Directed by Greg Homann

Designed by Kim Bouland

Sound Design by Aiden Connor

Fight Choreography by Bret Yount

Accent Coaching by Louise Saint-Claire


Jerome Ngonadi

Richard Holt

Courtney Winston