Oedipus @ Koö-nú!


Oedipus @ Koö-Nú! has classic dark roots but with bright pink ends. It is a playful theatrical allegory that offers a subversive and satirical take on the past, present and potential future of South Africa’s complicated, fraught and dynamic political landscape.

National Arts Festival / Hilton Arts Festival

Commissioned by the National Arts Festival under the banner of Greg being the Standard Bank Young Artist Award Winner for Theatre in 2014

“Homann’s script is in many ways genius…” – Sean Black (Cue Online)

“Whether or not you are familiar with the Oedipus legend from the plays of Sophocles thousands of years ago, it is hard not to see the parallels between ancient Greek tragedy and South Africa’s current political intrigues in Oedipus @ Koö-Nú!” – Gillian McAinsh (Herald)

“David Dennis puts in a powerhouse performance as Oedipus” – Bruce Dennill (The Citizen)

“…a fantastic performance by Tumi Morake.” – Mary Corrigall (The Star)

“The casting of David Dennis as Oedipus is inspired, as is making noble Theseus a Winnie-esque (or is it a Graca-ious?) female figure.” – Gillian McAinsh (Herald)

“Homann’s dismantling of Sophocles’ Oedipus At Colonus is cleverly designed, so much so that catching all the references at a first sitting is unlikely.” – Bruce Dennill (The Citizen)

“Through the excellently adapted meta-textual nature of the play, excellently devised physical pieces and rituals performed in the play, and the application of classic Greek tragedy to an African context, Greg Homann achieves his goal of addressing socio-political problems permeating a contemporary South African context, we are infused with hope for a society moving forward as one unified whole.” – Sean Black (Cue Online)

“There’s nothing wrong with observing a rich, complex piece and coming away feeling moved but uncertain about whether your understanding or point of access was ‘right’.” – Mike Loewe (DispatchLIVE)

“To give Homann his due, it is highly likely his reworking of Oedipus will split the audience down the middle.” – Steve Kretzmann (West Cape News)

“Expect some sharp SA characterisations of State, politics and culture, and hilarious give-away lines…”  – Mike Loewe (Dispatch Live)

Produced by Greg Homann in association with the National Arts Festival

Written & Directed by Greg Homann

Set & Lighting Design by Denis Hutchinson

Costume Design by Jemma Kahn

Choreographed by Tracey Human


David Dennis

Masasa Mbangeni

Ameera Patel

Tumi Morake (National Arts Festival only)

Khutjo Green (Hilton Arts Festival only)

Jerry Mntonga

Glen Biderman-Pam