Ilan Smith’s illusion show.

The Joburg Theatre

“Ilan Smith, offers charm in spades and small, sensitive touches that tug on the heartstrings. …Smith’s also not your usual smarmy, smooth, polished performer. He’s a bearded Jewish guy. In jeans (and, granted, a very nice jacket). Who uses his wife’s curtains – supposedly – as a prop. Who makes quips about Shabbos (Sabbath) and an old friend who called him boychick (‘my boy’, Yiddish slang). Who is self-effacing where usually they’re brash and self-conscious where usually they’re flashy… There are funny bits and beautiful bits and clever bits and wacky bits.” – Tiffany Markman (Jozikids)

“The seventy minutes is over all too quickly.” – Moira de Swardt

Produced by Ilan Smith Event Entertainment

Directed by Greg Homann

Lighting by Oliver Hauser


Ilan Smith